Dear Valentina, Thanks for this afternoon. That was one of the most powerful experiences of my life. Your gentleness and openness shines through your voice, body, and aura. I would welcome the opportunity to work with you again, if only I wasn't so far away from the UK. Thank you for all the gifts you gave me today. I never knew anything like this was possible.

Dear Valentina, what I learned from you has changed me and now I am complete. 
Thank you again.

Thank you so very much for our session today Valentina.   The feelings I felt were the most exciting, uplifting and pleasurable feelings I have ever felt.  This was my 5th visit to see you and each time it just gets better and better - this time I finally learnt how to fully relax and allow you to do your wonderful spiritual sensual therapy.  I have finally been healed inside, and my soul is at peace. Valentina what you do is truly heaven on earth and you are truly an angel sent to guide.  I Love You and I am already looking forward to the next time.

Dear Valentina, Thanks for sharing your knowledge and compassion, you have helped me understand who I am and my kundalini awakening clearer with Full mindfullness. Thanks again and a Big Namaste.

Today I had my first experience of Tantra; 10 hours later I am still feeling the intensity inside my head and body; I am totally drained but completely at peace at the same time. Thank you so much Valentina, from the moment you opened the door calming my nerves to when you lovingly tended to me as I left, I had a truly wonderful spiritual experience. You are truly blessed enabling me to first meditate and focus entirely on the moment.

Your loving touch and gentle tone of voice allowing me to concentrate on my breathing and so reach for an experience I will always remember. Your love as that of a mother to her new born infant touched my inner soul. Your soft gentle touch in tandem with your expert guidance that enabled me to truly feel the power at the centre of my inner self the result of which was countless total body orgasms. And how you loved me as the emotions overwhelmed me time and again. A truly amazing spiritual awaking. I never thought I could experience a full body orgasm and so many of them. Thank you again.

Dear Valentina, I just wanted to thank you again for the session today. I'm a writer and I've been having a lot of  issues with my work recently. After our meeting I came home and I'm literally just stopping work now, five full chapters in one day, almost a personal record. Amazing. A huge thank you for today, it was a tremendous help. 

Dear Valentina, Thank you for the session yesterday. I have been blocked emotionally for a very long time and it feels like yesterday unlocked a vast amount of emotional pain that I had clearly been holding on to without knowing. I am still trying to understand what happened and would value speaking to you about this and working on it further at another appointment. Thank you for helping me so much already (I feel like a different person today, somehow lighter) and for your patience at the end when I was completely overwhelmed. 

Dear Valentina, I thought I would just email to say how much yesterday blew my mind. You are so beautiful, sensual and  am I allowed to say sexy.  Your touch was the most amazingly soft and gentle experience I have ever felt. I can agree with you that the most amazing thing is the amount of love I felt from you throughout the afternoon. You are calm which instantly put me at ease, as I have to confess I was feeling extremely nervous before I met you. I needn't have worried. I did not want it to end, but when it did I felt the most relaxed I have felt in years. Your touch is like nothing I have ever experienced before. What an incredible afternoon. You are a gorgeous human and a wonderful woman, and you now have a piece of my heart. Thank you for making me feel so good.

Dear Valentina, I just want to let you know that today has had quite a profound effect on me. I have been occasionally agitated and stressed for some time (we all have our problems, me included) but this afternoon and this evening I've been relaxed and at peace with the world, I've got more energy and I can concentrate. It didn't come on immediately, it took about 2 hours, but it's been constant ever since. I was expecting some things from seeing you, all of which were realised, but I was not expecting this deep change in wellbeing for many hours afterwards.

Dear Valentina, I wanted to thank you for our time today. It was a beautiful experience including moments of relaxation, calm and intense pleasure. Your focus and attention towards me during the session was sublime. Your beauty, both physical and spiritual shine through and ensured the whole experience left me feeling both energised and vibrant but also calm and peaceful. 

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Thank you, Valentina