Tantric Massage is a fun, safe way to explore our sensual awareness.

In the same way a conventional massage relaxes the body, a Tantric Massage is said to relax the soul. 

Genuine Tantric Massage allows us to experience a sense of inner peace, calm and Earthly abandonment rarely found in our busy modern world.

Tantric Massage has many therapeutic benefits. It is especially good for overcoming sexual trauma, premature ejaculation, frigidity, inability to orgasm and satisfying human desire to be loved, touched and accepted.

Calming the mind and focusing on the subtle energies & vibrations within our bodies, allows us to recognise many different kinds of pleasure.

Tantric Massage creates expanded states of conscious awareness, these are often very profound and create unusually different, feelings and sensations.

Tantric Massage creates deep, lasting feelings of relaxation, shuddering, convulsing, tingling, emotional healing and feelings of extended and full body orgasm.

Tantric Massage quiets the mind and brings you back into your body, allowing you to be fully present in the here and now. 

  • I provide a genuine Tantric Massage service only. 
  • I do not provide sex or sexual services. 
  • I do not allow myself to be touched during sessions.