Preparing for Tantric Massage.

It is most important to prepare both mentally and physically to have the best Tantric experience possible.

It takes me at least two hours to physically prepare for a Tantric Massage session and it takes me about 24 hours to mentally prepare, through meditation and mindfulness practice. This is why I do not take same day bookings. Tantra is a slow, sensual act that requires patience and preparation.

Before each session, I always ask my clients to take a shower. This is not only for hygiene reasons (although to be touched most intimately one must be completely clean), showering also acts as a ritual to clear ones energy of the stresses of life and detach from the outside world. The shower is a symbol of the start of a Tantra session, so please take the opportunity to start to breathe deeply and relax, as well as cleaning your most intimate parts.

The next step in our preparation for Tantric Massage is guided meditation. This is essential in preparing the mind for relaxation. Without a relaxed mind, the body cannot relax and without a relaxed body, CHI/life force/Kundalini/sexual energy cannot move freely around the body.

We usually sit opposite each other and through breath meditation and visualisation, we start to enter a relaxed state of mind. It is important to keep our thoughts at bay and we do this by simply acknowledging them and letting them go.

After our guided meditation, I set the intention for the session. I usually do this myself, but if you have an intention yourself please let me know before the session and I will include it for you.

We then move into a Tantric Eye gazing ritual and greet each other as God and Goddess from the heart and mind of Divinity.

Now we are prepared and the Tantric Massage can begin.

Tom Nelson