Lingam & Yoni Massage Vs Happy ending

I am occasionally asked if I provide Happy Ending Massage, which I do not. However I do provide Lingam and Yoni massage. A Lingam and Yoni massage is a very intimate massage of the male and female genitals. “What’s the difference!?” I hear you ask, allow me to explain…

A Lingam Massage is very different to a happy ending massage as the goal is not based in ejaculation. In Tantra we stay away from goals and striving, aiming to be present and enjoy each moment fully. In essence a Lingam Massage is simply to be enjoyed as a massage in itself. During a lingam massage, sexual energy is guided up away from the lower parts of the body (where it is often stuck), through my massaging the entire body and your own breath meditation and visualisation. You are encouraged to practice separating the feeling of orgasm from the physical act of ejaculation (by squeezing the PC muscles hard, right as the Orgasmic feeling start), at the same time with the breath you pull the energy up into your higher chakras, whilst remaining relaxed and in a meditative state (not allowing thoughts or fantasies to interrupt). One of the main points to remember is not to hold the breath at this point. Sometimes ejaculation can happen, especially if you haven’t practiced orgasm control or PC muscle strengthening before, but remember ejaculation is never the goal. Once separation is achieved full body orgasm and extended orgasm can take place and believe me once you experience this, ejaculation orgasm will seem like a drop of pleasure on a vast orgasmic ocean!

Now Yoni Massage is a little diffferent. When I offer a Yoni Massage to a woman, I am always very careful to make sure the lady is ready and desires a Yoni Massage. A Yoni Massage is nothing like being sexually stimulated to orgasm “manually”. It is a very slow, sensual, part by part, step by step opening of the Yoni flower. Each segment of the Yoni is massaged to relive tension and release trauma (a lot of emotional trauma is stored in our Yonis). A Yoni Massage is a giving sexual practice, I never “take pleasure” from a woman during a Yoni Massage, I am always focused on bringing healing and pleasure to the Woman via her Yoni. This is why a Yoni Massage is so different from a Happy Ending and once again orgasm is not the goal (although it does sometimes happen).

Tom Nelson