Orgasm During Tantric Massage.

I would like to share my thoughts on the topics of full body orgasm, extended orgasm, male multiple orgasm and overcoming premature ejaculation during a Lingam massage.

A male full body orgasm occurs when we have mastered the separation of orgasm and ejaculation. To achieve this we must practice strengthening our PC muscles (the muscle you use to stop peeing). Try squeezing this muscle and holding it for one second before relaxing. Repeat this 10 times. When you have control over this muscle, you will be able to control your orgasm by squeezing hard, right before the orgasm hits. If you also use your breath meditation skills and draw the energy up from the lower body to the higher areas of the body (at the same time), you can draw the orgasm up the body and experience orgasm all over the body. When a man successfully separates the feeling of orgasm from the bodily function of ejaculation, he can become multi-orgasmic. This has many benefits, not only is he a more fulfilling lover (able to pleasure his lover with his Lingam for extended periods of time). He also holds onto his creative life force energy, which would otherwise be wasted as ejaculated semen, leading to increased energy, strength and spiritual power. A Tantric Orgasm can also lead to extended orgasm, where by one can experience orgasm lasting several minutes and (in my experience) up to a whole hour of intense orgasmic sensations.

Practicing the PC muscle excercises will also help delay orgasm during a Lingam Massage, so that even without achieving the dizzy heights of Tantric Orgasm, one may still feel the full unhurried pleasure of a slow, sensual Ligham Massage.

Tom Nelson