Stress, Relaxation & Tantric Massage

Do you feel stressed in your everyday life? Are you unable to relax, due to the pressure and commitments of work and life? Do you have trouble switching off your thoughts whilst trying to relax at home? 

They say "depression is caused by focusing on the past and stress is caused by focussing on the future", I am highly skilled at enabling you to focus your mind on the present.

I practice and encourage meditation throughout the entire massage. This will free you of distracting thoughts and bring you back into to the here and now, away from depression, stress and anxiety of everyday life.

When we focus entirely on ourselves and give permission for ourselves to full enjoy each and every subtle moment, we are often surprised just how pleasurable and relaxing the present can be!

I have relaxed countless nervous first time Tantric Massage clients and they have all left my private massage studio with feelings of increased wellbeing, happiness and feelings of long lasting relaxation that can last for weeks. 


Tom Nelson