What is Kundalini?

“The subtle thread of the spirit can expand and contract within the body. When it expands, it passes through the brain, heart and body to experience life, and when the same subtle thread of the spirit, is taken inward, it contract itself into the soul, to experience the bliss from within.”  - Roshan Sharma


Kundalini is an ancient Sanskrit word that translates to "coiled snake".

Kundalini is your creative life force energy, it creates life, it is your sexual energy!

Until awakened, Kundalini lies dormant at the base (or bottom) of the body, like a very tightly coiled spring (or snake), when activated there is often an explosion of spiritual energy and (if the correct 'qualities of mind' are present) even a spiritual awakening!

Kundalini can be activated via meditation and also with the help of a guide.

As Kundalini rises up through the channel in the centre of the body (spine), it brings balance to the body and power to each energy centre (Chakra). 

Kundalini can be used to quickly access higher states of conscious awareness.

When the full strength of Kundalini reaches the thousand petal Lotus (7th Chakra located at the top of the head) it unfolds as the mystical empowerment of Enlightenment.

When Kundalini is activated and flowing freely through our energetic body we feel happier, more connected, more alive and the colours of the world shine more vividly.

Tom Nelson