Tips for Tantric Massage

Often it is love that touches the soul and lust that touches the body, when we mix it up and allow love to touch the body and lust to touch the soul, a great healing takes place that fulfils our deepest longings for intimacy and connection. - Natalie Swedosh


Take the time to relax and breathe deeply during the shower before your massage. 

Practice enjoying your body and start to focus your mind on the present moment.

Imagine stepping away from your everyday life, put your worries aside for a while and envision yourself as a powerful Divine being.

Mindful Approach

A Tantric Massage is more than purely physical stimulation, It connects you to your own Divinity and enables you to feel the essence of God within you.

To invoke these wonderful feelings of heightened awareness you must surrender yourself up to the experience. Do not try to lead, just relax and be guided.

Keep thoughts out of your head. This is a mindfulness technique and takes practice. With thoughts come judgements and expectations. To experience the moment in its entirety, one must put all thoughts aside and focus on the present.

Give your body over to the experience, becoming limp and heavy like a dead weight. Allow yourself to be lifted and held in the safe and sacred space.

Expand your sensual awareness and enjoy each moment fully.

Focusing on the flow of energy and subtle vibrations within you, will allow you to experience full body energy orgasm.

Learn how to have non ejaculatory orgasms, full body orgasms and how to heighten your sensual awareness.


During the Massage

The heart surrenders everything to the moment. The mind judges and holds back. -Ram Dass

I will guide you into a breath meditation before we begin.

Allow your mind to be free of distractions, by continuing to focus on your breath throughout the massage.

Be present in the moment. If thoughts arise, gently acknowledge them and let them go. 

Do not try to perform, lead or manipulate the session.

Simply be present and accepting of the massage.

Express yourself and your emotions, let whatever arises just be.  

Allow yourself the freedom of expression.

Allow your body to be soft, it may even move a little,  by GENTLY moving the hips you can help to awaken your Kundalini (spiritual energy).

Do not hold your breath. To awaken Kundalini, one must relax the body and circulate the breath continuously.

Breathe deeply into the belly, loud enough so I can hear your breath, while keeping yourself relaxed.

Imagine yourself like water flowing or a snake sliding.

Gentle, soft eye contact is important (to avoid dissociation) during the massage, especially during the Lingham massage. PLEASE NOTE: Lecherous staring will put me off and dampen my fire.

In these intimate moments a clear mind without intent, expectation or goal will achieve the highest pleasure. 




Tom Nelson