What is Tantric Massage?

Tantra relaxes the body, opens the heart and brings the mind into clear focus - Margot Anand

During a Tantric Massage I use conscious touch, specific strokes and pressure points to release, arouse, awaken and direct the flow of your SEXUAL ENERGY also known as KUNDALINI.

Kundalini energy often remains dormant in the base of the body (around the sexual organs). During a Tantric massage I awaken your sexual energy and guide it up into 'higher' parts of the body

Dormant Kundalini energy is often imagined as a serpent coiled around a stone (see picture below).

 As the Kundalini energy awakens,the snake begins to rise, dance and weave its way up through the centre of the body (the spine).

Once Kundalini is awakened the receiver is placed in a euphoric state of ecstasy, a place from which pain and trauma can be released.

Awakening Kundalini allows you to experience the world more vividly, with greater depth. 

Kundalini awakening, combined with Mindfullness practices is a fast way to access Higher States of Consciousness.


I use Kundalini energy to awaken, unblock and balance the seven energy centres of the body (also known as Chakras).




Tom Nelson