Tantra is an ancient combination of science and spirituality that guides the seeker on their journey through life. 

The word tantra has evolved from two Sanskrit words "Tan" which means network, expansion or inter weave and "Tra" which means tool or instrument. 

Tantra is the Mother of many important forms of Yoga and Tantra has formed both society and religion in Buddhist Tibet. 

Many in the west think of Tantra as purely sexual and do not realise the full potential of this profound and enlightening practice. 

Tantra makes sense of our existence by melding together different aspects of reality and giving them depths and purpose. Sensuality and sacredness are weaved together,  as mystical rituals create expansion on the edges of our perception leading us to higher states of conscious awareness. 

Tantra is a practice focused on truth. It has been shrouded in myth and legend to avert superficiality from its path.  

Tantra brings together knowledge of both physics and metaphysics, by shining a guiding light on the essential qualities of both.  



Tom Nelson