What is Guided Meditation?

If you are quiet enough, you will hear the flow of the universe. You will feel its rhythm. Go with this flow. Happiness lies ahead. Meditation is key.” - Buddha


Meditation is all about AWARENESS and FOCUS.

There is no goal, you do not try to clear your mind. As we focus on the body and the breath, the mind magically clears itself. We cannot force this, it just happens.

Meditation is a gentle way to bring the mind back to the present moment.

I use Guided Meditation to show you how to be aware of the feelings inside yourself and focus your mind on the present moment.

I use my voice to guide you into gently opening your mind, to accept my touch without judgement, expectancy or resistance. 

There is no need to do anything during a guided meditation. Just listen and breathe. 

We will sit opposite one another and breathe together for a few minutes.

I will then use my voice to guide you through being aware of all your different body parts and allowing those parts to relax.

Practicing meditation and conscious touch, enables clients to elicit similar feelings of euphoria at home either alone or with a partner.


Tom Nelson