Conscious Touch


Conscious touch means being fully present and having all thoughts in the here and now, while touching another.

I practice conscious touch during my Tantric Massage sessions, this means I am fully present in both body and mind and I am with you entirely during your experience.

You will not see me wander in and out of the room (either mentally or physically) and I rarely converse.  

Each touch of my hands on your body, is an embrace of my positive intention for you. 

I am never thinking of future plans, past lovers and I hold no judgments or expectations of you. 

The moments we are together are precious and I do my best to keep my mind and energy clear of distractions and thoughts.

While we are together, you are my focus and I see you as a beautiful being who wishes to experience my natural gift.

As a receiver of Tantric Massage it is important to be free of distractions too, do your best not to allow your mind to wander, as this will enable you to experience the greatest depth of sensation.




Tom Nelson