Essential Qualities to Experience The Moment


“Do you have patience to wait till your mud settles and the water is clear? Can you remain unmoving till the right action arises by itself?” – Lao Tzu

If you wish to achieve the highest points of ecstasy, joy and fulfilment (including full body orgasm) during your Tantric Massage Session, I highly suggest exhibiting these mindful qualities throughout. 

Gentleness:-  Speak softly, be kind, be gentle, not only to others, but also to yourself. Do not mentally berate yourself for the thoughts that interrupt, it happens to us all.  

Openness:- Be open to new experiences, ideas and ways of being. "Only a fool thinks he knows everything". Trust me to be your Tantric Therapist and guide on a journey of the senses. 

Acceptance:- Notice when you are experiencing difficult thoughts and feelings. Practice accepting these challenging states. The best feelings often arise after we push through the difficult ones.

Patience/ Non Striving :- It is highly important that you did not visit me with a goal in mind. Striving towards a goal will inhibit the natural flow of the session. We cannot force oneself into a state of bliss. Just focus on the moment instead, focus on your inner feelings and sensations. Accept each moment in its entirety and watch your Divinity unfold naturally. 

Beginners Mind :- Cultivate a mind that is willing to experience everything as if for the first time. Be open to new possibilities (especially in relation to orgasm!), without getting stuck in a rut or patterns of behaviour. See each moment as a unique chance to experience yourself in a new way. 

Letting go :- Allow your body to relax. Let the tension go from your muscles. Do not hold on, allow yourself to become floppy. Just breathe and allow your self to flow from your body into your energy. let go of who you think you are and expand your awareness into your limitless potential. - (If you struggle with holding tension in your body, let me know at the start of the session and I will use a progressive relaxation technique to help you).

Nonjudgemental Observation :- Simply observe your experience as an impartial witness. Be aware of your judging mind (does it feel good/bad/neutral?) without trying to change the experience. Just experience your Tantric Therapy session for what it is without trying to change it. 

Tom Nelson