Notting Hill, London

Dear Clients, 

I would like to make you aware that I am now practicing Tantric Massage in London, in the lovely borough of Notting Hill, where I have my own private Tantra studio. 

If you live in London or are a business traveller, passing through London it may be easier for you to have a tantric massage with me in Notting Hill, London.

I am currently taking advanced bookings for my Notting Hill Location.

Please give me at least 24hrs notice if you wish to see me in London.  

I am also available to visit you at your hotel in Cambridge and you can also visit me at my discreet countryside residency in Suffolk (30 minutes from Cambridge).

Namaste ( I honor you as a reflection of the Divine)

Valentina X 

Essential Qualities to Experience The Moment


“Do you have patience to wait till your mud settles and the water is clear? Can you remain unmoving till the right action arises by itself?” – Lao Tzu

If you wish to achieve the highest points of ecstasy, joy and fulfilment (including full body orgasm) during your Tantric Massage Session, I highly suggest exhibiting these mindful qualities throughout. 

Gentleness:-  Speak softly, be kind, be gentle, not only to others, but also to yourself. Do not mentally berate yourself for the thoughts that interrupt, it happens to us all.  

Openness:- Be open to new experiences, ideas and ways of being. "Only a fool thinks he knows everything". Trust me to be your Tantric Therapist and guide on a journey of the senses. 

Acceptance:- Notice when you are experiencing difficult thoughts and feelings. Practice accepting these challenging states. The best feelings often arise after we push through the difficult ones.

Patience/ Non Striving :- It is highly important that you did not visit me with a goal in mind. Striving towards a goal will inhibit the natural flow of the session. We cannot force oneself into a state of bliss. Just focus on the moment instead, focus on your inner feelings and sensations. Accept each moment in its entirety and watch your Divinity unfold naturally. 

Beginners Mind :- Cultivate a mind that is willing to experience everything as if for the first time. Be open to new possibilities (especially in relation to orgasm!), without getting stuck in a rut or patterns of behaviour. See each moment as a unique chance to experience yourself in a new way. 

Letting go :- Allow your body to relax. Let the tension go from your muscles. Do not hold on, allow yourself to become floppy. Just breathe and allow your self to flow from your body into your energy. let go of who you think you are and expand your awareness into your limitless potential. - (If you struggle with holding tension in your body, let me know at the start of the session and I will use a progressive relaxation technique to help you).

Nonjudgemental Observation :- Simply observe your experience as an impartial witness. Be aware of your judging mind (does it feel good/bad/neutral?) without trying to change the experience. Just experience your Tantric Therapy session for what it is without trying to change it. 

Stress, Relaxation & Tantric Massage

Do you feel stressed in your everyday life? Are you unable to relax, due to the pressure and commitments of work and life? Do you have trouble switching off your thoughts whilst trying to relax at home? 

They say "depression is caused by focusing on the past and stress is caused by focussing on the future", I am highly skilled at enabling you to focus your mind on the present.

I practice and encourage meditation throughout the entire massage. This will free you of distracting thoughts and bring you back into to the here and now, away from depression, stress and anxiety of everyday life.

When we focus entirely on ourselves and give permission for ourselves to full enjoy each and every subtle moment, we are often surprised just how pleasurable and relaxing the present can be!

I have relaxed countless nervous first time Tantric Massage clients and they have all left my private massage studio with feelings of increased wellbeing, happiness and feelings of long lasting relaxation that can last for weeks. 


The Five Yamas

"Purification, self-inquiry, and surrender to the Divine are practices that lead to unity. These practices cultivate awareness and remove afflictions obstructing Realisation of Truth" -Patanjali

The Five Yamas are Traditional Tantric/Yogic principles of how to conduct oneself morally through life. These highly effective moral codes are the gateway to personal transformation and higher states of consciousness. 

It is important to observe The Five Yamas as metaphorical concepts and inner attitudes (towards others and ourselves) as well as outward actions. 

1. Ahimsa (no- violence/hate)

Ahimsa means being kind and respectful to all living beings. Ahimasa refers to not only our actions towards others, but also our thoughts, as having hurtful thoughts to wards others also creates negative karma. Violence often arrises from weakness, fear irritability and ignorance. By actively practicing being compassionate in our everyday lives, we can embrace love and kindness in difficult situations leading to acceptance and contentment, instead of reacting (or even over reacting) in violent ways that hurt us and others.  Ahimsa also requires the understanding that everyone has a right to their own opinion and to value the beliefs of others. Remember to be kind and non violent to yourself also, thinking/behaving unkindly to ourselves is just as bad as it is to another. 

If you wish to practice Ahimsa, look at your behaviour and ask yourself "Am I loving and kind toward myself and others?" and also "Am I hurtful (words/thoughts/actions) towards myself and others?". 

2. Satya (Truth)

In the basic sense Satya means not telling lies, it also means not misleading or telling half truths. Satya also means living in according to our beliefs. To practice Satya we must ask ourselves if we have been truthful in our words and actions. We must not justify lies to ourselves either, to do this would be deceptive to ourselves.  We must also not use the truth to directly hurt others.

3. Asteya (no-Stealing) 

The basic concept of Asteya is not to take things from someone without it being offered. As we look deeper into the meaning of Asteya we realise it can also mean not stealing valuable time, energy and ideas from others too. Another way of viewing Asteya is not to take things we do not need. Asteya is also renouncing  envy and the desire to posses what others have, for as long as you want what another has, you are a thief on the mental plane of existence. Practicing Asteya also means upholding justice, by giving others what they deserve, never giving less while also not offering more than is required and making a fair exchange.


4.Brahmacharya (Continance)

Brahmacharya means practicing restraint in lust, moderation and having a spiritual focus. Brahmacharya also means using our sexual energy (fluids) for higher purposes. This is the reason true Tantric practitioners encourage the practice of non ejaculation. Through both meditation and engaging the pelvic floor muscles the sexual fluids of both men and women can be transformed into spiritual energy to be used for spiritual and mental evolution. Through practicing Brahmacharya men become more virile with greatly increased sexual stamina. Brahmacharya  is also way to achieving multiple male orgasm, as it teaches the separation of orgasm and ejaculation leading to many different types of orgasm and sensual arousal. 


5. Aparigraha  (No-Coveting)

Aparigraha means not being greedy and accumulating more than we need. When we practice Aparigraha we practice being detached from objects and are able to realise that things come and go and we are happier when we do not hold on to them. Having too many things creates a cautious existence where we worry about others wanting or taking our things. This leads to solitude and takes us away from Unity and our true self - Atman. By practicing Apariagraha we become content with what we have and learn how to value and use our things in the right way as a learning tool for our own development. 





Conscious Touch


Conscious touch means being fully present and having all thoughts in the here and now, while touching another.

I practice conscious touch during my Tantric Massage sessions, this means I am fully present in both body and mind and I am with you entirely during your experience.

You will not see me wander in and out of the room (either mentally or physically) and I rarely converse.  

Each touch of my hands on your body, is an embrace of my positive intention for you. 

I am never thinking of future plans, past lovers and I hold no judgments or expectations of you. 

The moments we are together are precious and I do my best to keep my mind and energy clear of distractions and thoughts.

While we are together, you are my focus and I see you as a beautiful being who wishes to experience my natural gift.

As a receiver of Tantric Massage it is important to be free of distractions too, do your best not to allow your mind to wander, as this will enable you to experience the greatest depth of sensation.




What is Kundalini?

“The subtle thread of the spirit can expand and contract within the body. When it expands, it passes through the brain, heart and body to experience life, and when the same subtle thread of the spirit, is taken inward, it contract itself into the soul, to experience the bliss from within.”  - Roshan Sharma


Kundalini is an ancient Sanskrit word that translates to "coiled snake".

Kundalini is your creative life force energy, it creates life, it is your sexual energy!

Until awakened, Kundalini lies dormant at the base (or bottom) of the body, like a very tightly coiled spring (or snake), when activated there is often an explosion of spiritual energy and (if the correct 'qualities of mind' are present) even a spiritual awakening!

Kundalini can be activated via meditation and also with the help of a guide.

As Kundalini rises up through the channel in the centre of the body (spine), it brings balance to the body and power to each energy centre (Chakra). 

Kundalini can be used to quickly access higher states of conscious awareness.

When the full strength of Kundalini reaches the thousand petal Lotus (7th Chakra located at the top of the head) it unfolds as the mystical empowerment of Enlightenment.

When Kundalini is activated and flowing freely through our energetic body we feel happier, more connected, more alive and the colours of the world shine more vividly.

What is Tantric Massage?

Tantra relaxes the body, opens the heart and brings the mind into clear focus - Margot Anand

During a Tantric Massage I use conscious touch, specific strokes and pressure points to release, arouse, awaken and direct the flow of your SEXUAL ENERGY also known as KUNDALINI.

Kundalini energy often remains dormant in the base of the body (around the sexual organs). During a Tantric massage I awaken your sexual energy and guide it up into 'higher' parts of the body

Dormant Kundalini energy is often imagined as a serpent coiled around a stone (see picture below).

 As the Kundalini energy awakens,the snake begins to rise, dance and weave its way up through the centre of the body (the spine).

Once Kundalini is awakened the receiver is placed in a euphoric state of ecstasy, a place from which pain and trauma can be released.

Awakening Kundalini allows you to experience the world more vividly, with greater depth. 

Kundalini awakening, combined with Mindfullness practices is a fast way to access Higher States of Consciousness.


I use Kundalini energy to awaken, unblock and balance the seven energy centres of the body (also known as Chakras).





Tantra is an ancient combination of science and spirituality that guides the seeker on their journey through life. 

The word tantra has evolved from two Sanskrit words "Tan" which means network, expansion or inter weave and "Tra" which means tool or instrument. 

Tantra is the Mother of many important forms of Yoga and Tantra has formed both society and religion in Buddhist Tibet. 

Many in the west think of Tantra as purely sexual and do not realise the full potential of this profound and enlightening practice. 

Tantra makes sense of our existence by melding together different aspects of reality and giving them depths and purpose. Sensuality and sacredness are weaved together,  as mystical rituals create expansion on the edges of our perception leading us to higher states of conscious awareness. 

Tantra is a practice focused on truth. It has been shrouded in myth and legend to avert superficiality from its path.  

Tantra brings together knowledge of both physics and metaphysics, by shining a guiding light on the essential qualities of both.  



Tips for Tantric Massage

Often it is love that touches the soul and lust that touches the body, when we mix it up and allow love to touch the body and lust to touch the soul, a great healing takes place that fulfils our deepest longings for intimacy and connection. - Natalie Swedosh


Take the time to relax and breathe deeply during the shower before your massage. 

Practice enjoying your body and start to focus your mind on the present moment.

Imagine stepping away from your everyday life, put your worries aside for a while and envision yourself as a powerful Divine being.

Mindful Approach

A Tantric Massage is more than purely physical stimulation, It connects you to your own Divinity and enables you to feel the essence of God within you.

To invoke these wonderful feelings of heightened awareness you must surrender yourself up to the experience. Do not try to lead, just relax and be guided.

Keep thoughts out of your head. This is a mindfulness technique and takes practice. With thoughts come judgements and expectations. To experience the moment in its entirety, one must put all thoughts aside and focus on the present.

Give your body over to the experience, becoming limp and heavy like a dead weight. Allow yourself to be lifted and held in the safe and sacred space.

Expand your sensual awareness and enjoy each moment fully.

Focusing on the flow of energy and subtle vibrations within you, will allow you to experience full body energy orgasm.

Learn how to have non ejaculatory orgasms, full body orgasms and how to heighten your sensual awareness.


During the Massage

The heart surrenders everything to the moment. The mind judges and holds back. -Ram Dass

I will guide you into a breath meditation before we begin.

Allow your mind to be free of distractions, by continuing to focus on your breath throughout the massage.

Be present in the moment. If thoughts arise, gently acknowledge them and let them go. 

Do not try to perform, lead or manipulate the session.

Simply be present and accepting of the massage.

Express yourself and your emotions, let whatever arises just be.  

Allow yourself the freedom of expression.

Allow your body to be soft, it may even move a little,  by GENTLY moving the hips you can help to awaken your Kundalini (spiritual energy).

Do not hold your breath. To awaken Kundalini, one must relax the body and circulate the breath continuously.

Breathe deeply into the belly, loud enough so I can hear your breath, while keeping yourself relaxed.

Imagine yourself like water flowing or a snake sliding.

Gentle, soft eye contact is important (to avoid dissociation) during the massage, especially during the Lingham massage. PLEASE NOTE: Lecherous staring will put me off and dampen my fire.

In these intimate moments a clear mind without intent, expectation or goal will achieve the highest pleasure. 




What is Guided Meditation?

If you are quiet enough, you will hear the flow of the universe. You will feel its rhythm. Go with this flow. Happiness lies ahead. Meditation is key.” - Buddha


Meditation is all about AWARENESS and FOCUS.

There is no goal, you do not try to clear your mind. As we focus on the body and the breath, the mind magically clears itself. We cannot force this, it just happens.

Meditation is a gentle way to bring the mind back to the present moment.

I use Guided Meditation to show you how to be aware of the feelings inside yourself and focus your mind on the present moment.

I use my voice to guide you into gently opening your mind, to accept my touch without judgement, expectancy or resistance. 

There is no need to do anything during a guided meditation. Just listen and breathe. 

We will sit opposite one another and breathe together for a few minutes.

I will then use my voice to guide you through being aware of all your different body parts and allowing those parts to relax.

Practicing meditation and conscious touch, enables clients to elicit similar feelings of euphoria at home either alone or with a partner.