I am an alternative therapist with qualifications and experience in Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy, Tantra, Tantric Massage, EFT and Reiki. 

My journey with Tantra started 10 years ago, when I intuitively induced a Full Body Orgasm, without any prior knowledge. 

I went on to study many powerful Tantric techniques, at different Tantra schools both in and out of the U.K

I have been successfully practicing Tantric Massage professionally for 6 years.

My sessions are a unique combination of the many alternative therapies I have studied and practiced over the past 15 years. 

I am a Holistic Healer and incorporate many aspects of the body, soul and mind into my genuine Tantric Massage sessions. 

I believe to bring Divine fulfilment, we must incorporate all aspects of our being, including our most primal, sexual self.

During a tantric massage session, I channel Divine energy and mix together creative life force (sexual) energy, together and peaceful, kind, loving intentions to initiate profound release from stress, emotional pain, trauma and negative experiences.

Tantra is my passion and I am committed to "Continuing Practitioner Development", through Tantric courses, workshops and retreats.